Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm back with some Goodies

It seems like forever since I was able to come on and update my blog. After deciding to get another computer, because the one we had was rather sick, we have discovered having a new one was not going to be as easy as plugging it in and turning it on! Fingers crossed we are getting through the problems and it will be plain sailing from here on. Now I just hope when I download all this to my blog, it looks the same as how I have set it here. Computers............they have a mind of their own.

Yes......................I am afraid to say more bags!!! These 2 bags are ready for sale at the Quilting Exhibition that will be held in Burra. My Quilting Group each year has a quilt exhibition for the month of May and this will be my first time as I am not only a new quilter but I joined the group last year.

I won't mind if the one on the right doesn't sell as I would love to keep it. I guess if it does, I will just have to make another!

This wall quilt is what was on Esmerelda when I was running my competition when looking for a name for my new Quilting Frame.

I have quilted it by hand using Perle` cotton which has given it a nice affect. I have put a hanging sleeve on the back and it is now ready to hang in the Burra Art Gallery for the exhibition.

Here finally, is my finished Pinwheel Quilt. While it is no masterpiece I am happy with how it has turned out for my first pieced quilt. I enjoyed doing the binding by hand and found it to be quite relaxing.
The fabric in a couple of places did bunch up as I was quilting it but it's only minor. I have asked some quilting ladies from my quilting group why this might have happened and I have some great tips and ideas to use when I quilt my next quilt.