Sunday, December 7, 2008

Not just a cupboard!

Meet skinny cupboard who now has pride of place in my sewing area in the breezeway. Why the name skinny cupboard you ask. Skinny cupboard along with her mate, fat cupboard, used to live and work in the schoolroom I had set up when teaching my 2 children School of the Air before they went away for secondary schooling. It was so much easier giving the cupboards names when speaking to the children........"go and get the pop sticks out of skinny cupboard". It just made the whole school day better if you didn't have to explain in detail to a little person just where things were. So skinny cupboard has had a face lift and now holds my small stash of material and other sewing things. I think my sewing days will be so much better now that I don't have to look through boxes to find what I am looking for. The coat rack to the side holds my latest creations.

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