Friday, January 9, 2009

Random Act of Kindness

Look what I got in the mail. The piece of pansy fabric on the right and the piece at the front was sent to me by a friend on a craft forum. She thought it could go in skinny cupboard and I must say it looks very good in there with the other I have. It was sent to me as a Random Act of Kindness. The piece of pansy fabric on the left was some I found while in Adelaide visiting Spotlight.


mandapanda said...

I just love pansy material! I have a friend who is addicted to pansies and whenever I see some, I think of her. Which is quite funny because in flower language, pansies mean "I'm thinking of you!"

Debs said...

I never new that mandapanda thank you. I will have to remember pansy means "I'm thinking of you".