Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Award

Thank you to Barb from the Craft Forum for this award. I am delighted to have it and feel so special. I don't know if my blog is fabulous but I do know that I am enjoying sharing the things I have made with you all and I hope you enjoy coming in to see what I am doing.

Now I have to tell you all 5 addictions I have.
1. My family. Where would I be without them.
2. My Jack Russel dog, Jody. She is great company.
3. A good cup of tea. It gets you through so much.
4. Sewing. It keeps me sane!
5. Turkish Delight chocolate. They make the blocks to small.

Below are 5 blogs that I would like to give this award to. Drum roll please........

1. Sewsue
2. Sam
3. Fabricaddict
4. Farmnan62
5. Vonimum


MissyMack said...

Awww thanks Deb! :D *feels special* I have to agree with you about the turkish delight chocolate...they do make the blocks too small! :D

clare said...

Congratulations Deb , your blog IS fabulous.
clares craftroom