Sunday, March 1, 2009

Opening Day is Here

Today is the day us swap partners get to open our pressie from each other and look at what I got from my Paper Bag Swap Partner Vicki. Isn't it divine. I love it. The more you look at the bag the more you see on it. Vicki has put a lot of work into it and I feel very lucky. Thank you so much Vicki.

This bag below is the bag I made from the contents from the purple paper bag I received from Vicki. I posted a picture back a bit on my blog of that purple bag!! So now you can see not only some of what was in the bag but what I did with it. My swap partner for this swap was Trish and I do hope she likes her gift.

When it came to doing the lining I didn't have a big enough piece of fabric left and I really wanted to use what Vicki had sent so I joined up the bits of fabric left and I was able to get a piece big enough to cut the lining from. Then to cover the seams I used a piece of material/ribbon (not sure what you call it) that Vicki had sent. I was pleased with the way it looks inside. Kind of funky I guess. The only things I added from my stash to the stash Vicki sent was a button for the loop to go over and a few beads to go with some Vicki sent. This has been a great swap. Thank you Vicki and Trish.


barb's creations said...

OOOHHH deb.... both bags turned out lovely.Isn't it funny how a bag of bits and bob can produce such beautiful creations.Barb

Margarita said...

Both bags are gorgeous, I am sitting here drooling, and of course wondering if I can copy them. naughty naughty hehe

Lucky-1 said...

Oh they are both so lovely. I got to see the bag for Trish and its just so lovely...... if either goes missing, don't come to my place ;P

Debs said...

You are so right Barb. A few bits and bobs and then let your imagination run free.

Marg I am happy to send you the pattern of the one I did for Trish. Just let me know if you want it. I was thinking of asking Vicki for the pattern of the one she did me. It's a lovely style bag.

Thanks for the lovely comments.

Debs said...

Thanks Lucky. Just love my bags!!

You must have posted your comment as I was posting mine.

Donna said...

Great bags. Deb. I like your blog and what you are up to!

Cheers from Donna in Brisbane.

clare said...

Fantastic bags !
clares craftroom

Tozz said...

Deb you did a fantastic job of the bits and bobs I sent you and I am sure Trish will love the bag you made. I am glad that you like the one I made for you from all the bits and pieces I got from Kitty-kat. I have to confess....I didnt use a pattern and just made the squares all up and then fitted the rest around them and put things here and there. :) It was such fun and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it for you.

Debs said...

Thanks each and everyone of you for all the comments.

Tozz I had a feeling you didn't have a pattern and that you would have made the design yourself. You are just so clever with what you create.

Donna, I'm glad you enjoy my blog.

Jane's Crafty Creations said...

I would like to say thank you for the lovely comments about my cards. I love your bag and all your sewing bits, so innovative. Keep up the good work, and thanks again.

Jane xx

Debs said...

You are welcome Jane :)