Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shaggy Quilts

I have been so busy lately that not a lot of sewing has been done but I am hoping this will all change now and things in my life might slow down a little allowing me to sew more. I have missed getting amongst my material and creating. We have had on going problems with our "new" computer but it is back now from another holiday visiting the doctor so fingers crossed, it is all fixed and I can get back to sharing with you what I have been making in the sewing room.

I just love making Shaggy Quilts and below is one that I have just finished. They are so easy to make and being a "quilt as you go" they are lots of fun to put together. I am doing up a bedroom for guests in blue and cream and thought it would be nice if the 2 single beds each had a shaggy quilt folded at the end for those cold nights.

Here is the second shaggy quilt for the bedroom. The squares are quilted and now all I have to do is sew all the squares together, put the binding on, wash it and then throw it into the dryer to get the shaggy affect. The 2 quilts will be the same as far as the number of squares and material used but the placement of squares will be different. Here's hoping our visitors will be warm!!


clare's craftroom said...

How lovely Deb , careful your guests might just want to stay for good .

Debs said...

Thank you Clare for the comment.

Gosh I hadn't thought of them staying for good. Might have to pinch the shaggy quilt through the night!!!

Lucky-1 said...

Oh that is just beautiful Deb. Lucky its not green as it wouldn't even make the would be in my hands and I'd be running.......LOL