Friday, June 26, 2009

Is it a UFO?

Three years ago we did one of our bedrooms up as a guest room and I had good intentions of making 2 light shades for the bedside lights. Well I got one done at the time and some 3 years later I got the other one made. So here it off the press so to speak. It is amazing how good you feel when you get something done that has been sitting there niggling away at you and making you feel guilty.

The shade is made out of cardboard, covered in fabric and then decorated. I made some roses out of ribbon to place at the front of the shade.

So my question is.................was it a UFO when it hadn't been started even though it's mate had been made and was in full use?


Home of Creative Treasures said...

What a gorgeous mix on that table. I love the tissue box. I have been on the hunt for awhile for something feminine and pretty for my bedrooms here and yours is ideal. The lampshade is beautiful and can imagine you feeling good about it.

Jilly said...

Very pretty I love it, and yes it does feel good to finish something!
What does UFO stand for?