Thursday, January 28, 2010


I would like you all to meet Percy. Who is Percy I hear you say. He is one cute little pig my sister Lucky1 made soon after she started sewing just over 12 months ago.

Percy goes on holidays and has been to places I have never been America. He sends photos home to his Mum, Lucky and she posts then on his website. Yes he has a website!!!

At the moment Percy is here on holiday with me and if you would like to see what Percy has been up to, you can by visiting his blog at

Plus you will get an insite into where I live.
Patchwork Hugs,


Dawn said...

I hope percy has been good while staying with you....Lol... and tell him you should never drink green water...Yak..
Hugs Dawn x x

barb's creations said...

Tell Percy to be careful he doesn't fall in!! Hope he has a great time visiting his aunty deb and can't wait to see what he gets up to in the outback :) Barb.

Jilly said...

Percy, is so cutie I just love him!

clare's craftroom said...

Percy is one lucky pig ! Or should I say Luckys'pig , lol !